Our school

Principal: Mrs Kim Naylor

During construction from 2018-2020. split recesses and lunch times due to space restriction.

Bell times:

Student supervision starts: 8.30am

Morning session:


 3-6: 8.55am - 11.00am


P-2: 10.30 am-10.55 am

3-6:11.00 am - 11.25 am

Middle session:

P-2:10.55 am-12.25 pm

3-6:11.25 am - 1.05 pm

Eating time:

P-2: 12.25 pm-12.35 pm

3-6: 1.05 pm - 1.15 pm


P-2: 12.35pm-1.15 pm

1.15 pm - 1.55 pm

Afternoon session:

P-2: 1.15pm-2.55pm

3-6: 1.55pm - 2.55pm

Stage 2 Students of R.P.S. in the playground



Rosehill Public School is located in Sydney's western suburbs five kilometres from the Parramatta CBD and has close associations with Sydney's early days. The school is located near the site of Sydney's first farm established by James Ruse in 1789 and the original school building erected in 1886 is still in use as a library. Today, the school serves the suburbs of Harris Park, North Granville and East Parramatta, all of which are characterised by high density residential development. 84% of the children attending the school are from non-English speaking backgrounds (N.E.S.B.) with many claiming Rosehill as their first Australian school. The school has a pre-school facility and an Early Childhood Clinic is located in the school grounds. The school places a heavy emphasis on teaching the basic skills of literacy and numeracy and early intervention is seen as a key factor in catering for the special needs of children attending the school.