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Attention Parents and Carers:

Welcome back to 2018

The School Executive will be publishing our Stage Overviews in the near future watch this space.


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Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 4 2017


Early Stage One T4 Overview

Year One T4 Overview

Year Two T4 Overview

Stage Two T4 Overview

Stage Three T4 Overview




Dear Parents and Carers,


To ensure student safety, please be aware that the school playground areas and equipment are not supervised after school, and are closed at this time.

We want all RPS students to make their way home safely, and kindly appreciate your support in ensuring your children are not using the play equipment or handball courts after school (even if you are with them). These areas will be used by After School Care students only, with teacher supervision.

Additionally, please be aware that no siblings or friends are permitted to attend PSSA training sessions. PSSA coaches are focused on their team, and PSSA students are focused on their training – this leaves no supervision for visitors.

As always, students who are not collected at 2.55pm will be sent to the school office to be supervised, while parents/carers are phoned.


Thank you for your cooperation.




Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 3 2017


Early Stage One T3 Overview (pdf 223 KB)

Year One T3 Overview (pdf 440 KB)

Year Two T3 Overview (pdf 437 KB)

Stage Two T3 Overview (pdf 161 KB)

Stage Three T3 Overview (pdf 96 KB)


Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 2 2017


Early Stage One (pdf 575 KB) - Semester 1

Year One (pdf 368 KB)

Year Two (pdf 469 KB)

Stage Two (pdf 429 KB)

Stage Three (pdf 291 KB) - Semester 1


Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 1 2017


Early Stage One (pdf 575 KB)

Year One (pdf 486 KB)

Year Two (pdf 487 KB)

Stage Two (pdf 470 KB)

Stage Three (pdf 291 KB)







Being Involved

p and c meetin gs

Become an involved parent in our  school's learning community. There are many ways that you can help our school. The P and C meets regularly in the school hall. Our first meeting this year saw over 100 interested parents.




Student learning and engagement at Rosehill Public School

You tube video:


Rosehill Public School P & C

Watch this video for information on P & Cs and why you should become involved.

Rosehill PS P & C video


Stage 1 Term 3 Newsletter

Stage 1 Term 3 Newsletter (pdf 288 KB)


Rosehill PS Parent Survey

The Rosehill Public School Survey has now closed.

Thank you to all who participated.


Stage 1 Term 2 Newsletter

Stage 1 Term 2 Newsletter (pdf 205 KB)


Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy & Numeracy tips (pdf 157 KB)


Semester 1 Curriculum Overviews

Please follow the links below to see the curriculum content being taught in classes for Semester 1, 2016. 

Kindergarten Overview (pdf 383 KB)

Stage 1 newsletter 2016 (pdf 271 KB) Stage 1 March 2016 (pdf 478 KB)

Stage Two Overview (pdf 305 KB) Stage Two PBL Overview (pdf 279 KB)

Stage 3 Term 1 overview (pdf 159 KB)



Naplan (pdf 535 KB)


Literacy Continuum

Literacy Continuum (pdf 1124 KB)

The Literacy Continuum guides all Public School teachers to determine a student's progress. Your child can tell you about why they are at a point on the continuum based on their knowledge of the key learning required to demonstrate their progress. This is achieved through teacher conferencing and student work samples.

By the end of Kindergarten, students should be at Cluster 4, Year 1- Cluster 6, Year 2- Cluster 8, Year 3- Cluster 9, Year 4- Cluster 10, Year 5- Cluster 11 and Year 6- Cluster 12. Students progress at their own pace and of course these categories are only a guide. We treat each child as an individual and match their learning needs to their personal capabilities and needs.

New Post

Parent Guide to Help (pdf 2098 KB)


Parents are active partners in the learning programs at Rosehill Public School. Their support for students is highly valued.

This page will hold resources to support parents to work through some of the learning that is happening at Rosehill Public School. It will provide resources, weblinks and information to support our ongoing vision to include our community in our students' learning.

P and C resources

A handy website to help with understanding Homework and other Parent information


Cybersafety link


Parent Suggestion and Question Box

Question 1- Why is there a Talent Festival this year as we had one last year?

There is a talent festival at the end of EVERY year. There is a whole school concert every second year.

Question 2-Why is there a Spelling Bee this year?

We are looking for opportunities for students with all sorts of talents to shine. Spelling is a particular passion of our students- particularly after the Spelling Bee Television Program.


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