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Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 2 2018


Early Stage One Overview T2 (pdf 607 KB)

Stage One Overview T2 (pdf 214 KB)

Stage Two Overview T2 (pdf 151 KB)

Stage Three Overview S1 (pdf 114 KB)


Stage Newsletter Overviews for Term 1 2018


Early Stage One Overview T1 (pdf 174 KB)

Stage One Overview T1 (pdf 243 KB)

Stage Two Overview T1 (pdf 149 KB)

Stage Three Overview T1 (pdf 114 KB)




Dear Parents and Carers,


To ensure student safety, please be aware that the school playground areas and equipment are not supervised after school, and are closed at this time.

We want all RPS students to make their way home safely, and kindly appreciate your support in ensuring your children are not using the play equipment or handball courts after school (even if you are with them). These areas will be used by After School Care students only, with teacher supervision.

Additionally, please be aware that no siblings or friends are permitted to attend PSSA training sessions. PSSA coaches are focused on their team, and PSSA students are focused on their training – this leaves no supervision for visitors.

As always, students who are not collected at 2.55pm will be sent to the school office to be supervised, while parents/carers are phoned.


Thank you for your cooperation.



School Readiness Checklist.

Parents have requested a set of parameters to support them to know if their child is school ready. The checklist attached is from a service in Sydney and is not an endorsement of the provider, but provides a sound, research proven developmental checklist.

Checklist (pdf 421 KB)



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It is so important to stay connected to school news and events. Each week, there are new messages posted onto our App. Please scroll down for the simple steps you can follow to join.

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Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy & Numeracy tips (pdf 157 KB)


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